A Little More About Us And Our Business

Everyone deserves to have a good looking car that drives fast, smooth, and
safe. Which most people think would be a luxury car, right?  Many people say
thats just a dream. Well, we are in the business of making dreams come true.  
How you say?  With 12 long and experienced years in this business, we have
learned how to take an ordinary car and make it something attractive and
dependable that almost anyone can afford. We believe all well made and
luxury cars can go well into 300k miles. So what we do is obtain luxury cars
over 100k miles or cars older than 10 years, then we make sure the
powertrain (engine, transmission, and/or clutch) runs great. After that, we
touch up all the minor points. Finally, we are left with a well running, nice
looking car that many would only dream of. At First Time Auto, this is how we
make dreams come true.